Texas AG Commends Court For Restraining Order Against Biden’s Unlawful Order

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton today commended the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas for granting a nationwide temporary restraining order halting implementation of the Biden Administration’s unlawful order to the Department of Homeland Security to freeze virtually all deportations of illegal aliens.

“The Court’s decision to stop the Biden Administration from casting aside congressionally enacted immigration laws is a much-needed remedy for DHS’s unlawful action,” Paxton said.

“A near-complete suspension of deportations would only serve to endanger Texans and undermine federal law,” said Attorney General Paxton. “Blatantly illegal security threats cannot be allowed to stand, and the rule of law must be upheld.”

“I commend the Court for prioritizing the law and safety of our citizens, and I will continue to defend Texas against the unlawful and unconstitutional actions of President Biden and his Administration.”


  1. The clouds part… the angels sing… this is FANTASTIC! Way to go, Texas, AG Ken Paxton! God bless all the border patrol officers doing their part to keep our country safe!

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  2. Way to go, Texas! Please continue to fight against this illegal and tyrannical US government. By law, each state has Popular Sovereignty so they don’t have to go along with unreasonable mandates of the Federal government. The States are our last line of defense against these Socialists!

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  3. And it begins. I think quietly we should begin low level negotiations with the Federal Government about secession. What would it look like? What would the official process be? They keep the stuff at Ft Bless, Randolph, Goodfellow, and ?. We keep the stuff at Ft Hood, Lackland Laughlin, and ?. Can Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas come with us? Under what cost scheduling would we sell electricity to the rest of the US? Can we keep the Navy ships home-ported in Texas.
    Just low level discussions. We can do the hard negotiation later if necessary; but it’s always a good thing to get a jump start.

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    • I’ve been running such scenarios in my head too, but didn’t even think about the military bases. I did hear about a motion in Texas legislature is in to discuss it for possible vote. I did add Tennessee, Kansas, South & North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and possibly Utah to the list.

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