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“They’re Not Going To Take The White House,” President Trump Declared

“I’ll be here in about a year and a half campaigning against your Governor, I guarantee you that.” President Donald J. Trump, referring to Gov. Brian Kemp, told the cheering crowd of over 25,000.

The president was in Dalton, Georgia for at a runoff election eve Victory Rally for Senator David Perdue and Senator Kelly Loeffler on Monday night.

Daughter Ivanka posted a shot of her father just before landing in Dalton, GA on Marine One.

Kemp, who has been compromised along with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger for suspicious dealings with China and Dominion Voting machines, has been covering up election fraud to secure a win for Joe Biden. Both Kemp and Raffensperger are Republicans.

“The people of Georgia will be at the mercy of the left-wing socialist, Communist, Marxist, and that’s where it’s going,” Trump said, if the Democrats and Deep State operatives were to go free from their election fraud crimes.  “You know we don’t like to use the word ‘communist.'”

“How about the press?,” Trump pointed to the news cameras behind the crowd who booed them. “Look at them back there, look at them. The fake news media, they go silent anymore. They don’t talk about it. And that is the beginning of communism. That is exactly what happens.”

“Because I think they hate our country and they despise Georgia and your values. And a lot of them despise you as you know. There is nothing the radical Democrats will not do to get power.”

“I hope Mike Pence comes through,” Trump joked, know the Vice President was just an hour away at Rock Springs Church in Milner, Georgia.

Pence, showing confidence, told the full church that. “We’re going to keep Georgia, and we’re going to save America.”

In Dalton, Trumped warned the patriots in Georgia, that if they lose this senatorial runoff election, “Your religious liberty will be gone, your Second Amendment will be gone, your borders and great new wall will be gone, your police departments will be gone as we know them, and your life savings will be gone.”

Crowd view as Trump arrived.

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