California and New York Could Learn a Thang or Two From Texas



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  1. I live in San Antonio, in the great state of Texas.
    All of the houses around me were built 4 years ago and 8 of the houses (on the other side of the street) were purchased by people who moved here from California and New York. Sure enough, back in late August, they all put out yard signs in support of Joe Biden. A few of them also put out yard signs that said, “I am so gonna vote.”
    I immediately thought, “Oh no, please don’t!”
    Out of curiosity, I asked one of the ladies from California WHY she was voting for Biden. She said, “Because I don’t like Trump. Trump is rude, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, etc…..and…he has not handled the pandemic correctly. He doesn’t care about the people, and many people have died because of him.”
    None of that is true!
    I did my best to tell her that Trump was none of those things, but she couldn’t believe anything that I said. She relies on MSNBC for news, and listens intently to Rachel Maddow’s program every day (which explains everything).
    So I tried a different approach.
    I kindly asked her why she moved away from California. Her response was, “Because California had become too expensive for me to live there anymore, with too many taxes, rules, restrictions, and regulations. Texas has no state tax, it is less expensive overall, and there is more freedom.”
    I said, “California has been run by Democrats for quite some time, and that is why that state is now drowning in miscellaneous taxes and restrictive rules. Can you tell me why you would go through the trouble (and expense) of moving to Texas, and then vote for the same politics and policies that caused you to leave the state of California?
    Her answer was clear and simple– “I have always voted blue; that’s what I do.”
    Big sigh. There are more and more people running away from California and New York for the same reasons that she did–and they are buying homes in states like Florida and Texas.
    Sadly, a lot of them are continuing to vote “Blue” without much thought. I hope and pray that somehow they wake up and realize what they are doing, before it is too late.
    I am not surprised that there are so many pickup trucks driving around with signs on the back window that say: “Don’t California my Texas!” I agree 100%.

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