Attorney Lin Wood Says He Has Proof of Chief Justice John Roberts on Jeffrey Epstein’s Jet

Reluctant to write about Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, I changed my mind after what Atlanta attorney Lin Wood revealed on Thursday, Dec. 17, 2020.

Sidney Powell and Lin Wood

I didn’t care for how Roberts voted in favor of Obamacare and so many other of his decisions during the Obama-Biden years. When I originally saw his name in the Jeffrey Epstein documents back in 2015, it was personally difficult to believe Roberts would be so foolish as to visit the famed “pedophile island.” Surely, he would not compromise himself, I believed.

But 2020 has shattered many of our paradigms.

As far as I knew, Epstein’s now famous “little black book” first became known in 2015. It has appeared in various court proceedings after a former employee grabbed it from Epstein’s home around 2005 was very revealing.

Among the names I immediately recognized were Woody Allen, Princess Diane’s brother Charles Althrope, Prince Andrew, Alec Baldwin, Magician David Blaine, UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, Michael Bloomberg, former President Bill Clinton, Magician David Copperfield…

…NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Steve Forbes, Dustin Hoffman, Mick Jagger, Sen. Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Henry Kissinger, Rupert Murdoch, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, JOHN ROBERTS, Peter Soros (George’s nephew), Kevin Spacey, George Stephanopoulos, and Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes.

Epstein’s jet log book.

That’s right, John Roberts. The name is common enough, that I initially thought it had to be another John Roberts. However, I’m very aware of attorney Lin Wood’s strong reputation.

Did you see the 2019 Clint Eastwood directed movie, Richard Jewell?

Lin Wood successfully defended Jewell.

It’s the true story of the 1996 Summer Olympics bombing at Centennial Olympic Park and the security guard—-who was actually a hero—falsely accused of the crime by an FBI agent collaborating with a news reporter.

It was Lucian Lincoln “Lin” Wood Jr. who was Jewell’s very successful attorney in the defamation cases against n.

Rumors of Harvey Weinstein, PizzaGate, Hollywood and New York Pedophile smugglings also began surfacing. Like most, I basically ignored it. Now I don’t ignore anything after what we’ve experienced the last few years in politics, media, and Hollywood.

Decide for yourself. Lin Wood is going all in on this one.

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  1. This article prompting me to ask a question…what people are just beginning to wake up to over Trump’s time in office, I discovered before Obama became president and just kept going deeper down the rabbit hole. My question…are you interested in reading the manuscript of my book, The Advocate. If so, share a good email and I’ll send it. If not, no worries.
    Keep at it my friends!!
    Already been passed down the chain!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • To be fair, Dodie will read it first. Like hunters have hunting season and fishers have fishing season, investigative writers have seasons too. This is the motherlode of seasons so I will not have the time to read it for at least until Trump’s Inaguration is secure and America is on track. Interviewing, research, investigation, writing, follow-up, posting and caring for the blog takes up considerable time. Dodie is constantly reading (and proofreading). Thank you.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Ahhh…just as I suspected. So disappointing to learn that even some on the Supreme Court are corrupt. So gross to know that at least one may be a sexual predator. Longing for a return to integrity – remember when that was prized?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I want this out in the public. Is there anyway I can help! This is wrong! I voted for Trump, and apparently my vote didn’t count! I am going to email my Representative Tom Cotton and tell him if he don’t stand up with Trump and say something about the Fraud he want get my support and vote any more!

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  4. Wow! No wonder Roberts has voted against everything Trump has tried to do. And I assumed that Trump selected him for the SCOTUS thinking that he’d be loyal to the people of the US, but I guess I was wrong. I’m relieved that Roberts was a hold over from the Obama years and maybe even before then (IF I’ve read this correctly).

    I knew he was scared to death and had to be hiding something but didn’t know what it was. Thank you for telling the world what it was! And I pray that we get these people out of these high positions one by one!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. cheriewhite: President Trump isn’t the one who picked Roberts, that was George W. Bush….birds of a feather…President Trump and those that are truly loyal to him and us, will get that swamp drained. It’ll take some time, but it will be done.


  6. About a little over 12 years ago I am reminded fully of
    Glenn Beck’s rendition of the Obama years we could expect! At that time no one listened to him and it’s not like we were not warned! Years before that I listened to George Carlin the comedian tell us
    It’s a BIG CLUB and we are not part of it. Boy was he right…Anyway I want them all to be jailed and tried for crimes against humanity!
    So I will pray everyday for our President and those standing up for what is right! Remember God is stronger than Satan….

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  7. I always thought Roberts was being blackmailed or threatened, now we know why. We are praying too, for those that are trying to do what’s right, that the truth will come out, and that all those connected will be exposed, for no one is above the law.

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  8. That is not all he is being blackmailed about. It all goes back to his adoption of his two kids from Ireland. Evidently was not on the up and up so somebody found out about it and put the bite on him. Most likely the Obama Administration. Someone like Sara Carter or John Solomon needs to investigate it and make sure that it is really true. I do know JR has Irish and Welsh Roots as well as Solvakian roots as well.


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