Trump Campaign Releases Ads Calling On Americans to Help Fix Broken Election System

As evidence of voter fraud and mishandled ballots mounts in battleground states across the country, the Trump Campaign is releasing two new ads entitled “The Evidence is Overwhelming – FRAUD!” and “STOP THE STEAL!”

These ads inform viewers of the widespread corruption that occurred in the 2020 election, including suitcases of Biden ballots, dead people voting, and money-for-vote schemes, while also encouraging voters to call their legislators to demand a free and fair election. 

President Trump won re-election by a landslide because of his strong handling of the economy, record vaccine delivery, and major foreign policy accomplishments.

To uphold the sanctity of American democracy and stop the Democrats from stealing the 2020 election, voters must demand that every legal vote is counted and every illegal vote is discarded.

The two ads will begin airing the morning of Saturday, December 12th on national cable television.

Click here to watch “The Evidence is Overwhelming – FRAUD!”

Click here to watch “STOP THE STEAL!

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  1. Do we have a chance? I mean, do we even have a chance anymore? Because I’m done hoping! This was the last draw for me. I can’t continue to hope and continue being let down. I’m done. Whatever happens happens. I’m tired and I don’t care anymore.


    • In Texas We continue what we were doing before the Texas suit. They failed us on this particular lawsuit. The only thing different is that the Texas one didn’t make it. But the others still continue. There is much activity going on behind the scenes. Trump is not going to give up. Read the Executive Order I posted. This could be helpful as one of his last resorts. I do know the Treasury Secretary, NSA, Attorney General and others as explained in the Exec. Order are working on this. Remember Trump now has Special Forces right under him now. I’ve never pretended this would be easy…there will be blood…but Trump and his team are here at the right time in our history.
      Texas GOP and others are actively discussing seceding if all else fails. Others states would likely join.

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