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10 Things I Learned on Parler That MSM Hid From Us

Are you part of the mass exodus of American patriots turning off and switching from the left’s propaganda news organizations?

Here are ten important true things we learned this weekend from Parler that we would not have following mainstream media.

Did you hear what Trump supporters did outside of Hillary Clinton’s home?

The secret proof?
NY Attorney General might sue.
Socialism poster child.
California governor was wrong again.
CNN goes ape.
Remember her name: Sidney Powell. She will go down in history as one of the modern-day patriots who saved the United States.
Attkisson is one of the best reporters today. You can trust her. She walked away from mainstream media years ago.

If you don’t know who Dan Bongino is, you should…and you will on Parler and Rumble.

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  1. I live in Michigan and I didn’t know about Whitmer’s latest lockdown until I read your post late last night. I wonder how many of us will pare down our Thanksgiving guest lists and how many will just ignore her.
    Last spring we were all quick to conform but now that we know what we’re dealing with it’s time to let people assess their own risks and make their own “informed” decisions.

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    • Excellent and wise. I’ve been wondering what most Michigan citizens are thinking. It’s obvious to many of us in other states what we would do. In the county we live in masks are optional, even in restaurants. Of course, we are a good hour away from a large city, but we’ve had few COVID cases here in 2020. Good luck to your family and loved ones. We appreciate your comments and readership very much.

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