A Prepared Trump Team Has Moved Into Action

Always learn lessons from our trials and hardships. Then put the learning into action.

American patriots should not lose faith.

Remember, what is going on now is exactly what has been perpetrated throughout President Donald Trump’s presidency.

The Democrats and the puppet media failed. They were caught. They’re exposed.

You can list dozens of these lessons–from Spygate, Mueller Investigation, Russia-Russia-Russia to Kavanaugh confirmation, the sham impeachment to the voter fraud–Trump won.

President Trump, to win re-election, needs to hold his leads in Georgia, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. If he wins all three, he then needs to win either Arizona or Nevada, but not both.

This is far from over.

The cheating and the distortion from the Left and Media (including news and social) is nothing new. It was expected. I’m personally not that concerned.


Just look at the flag waving and uniting flag waving that has permeated across America. How many of you have participated in Trump Trains, Trumptillas, parades, caravans? Millions.

Did you vote? If you did, hang your head up high! Millions of us are united. We are good and decent humans. We love and pray to God.

Perhaps God wants us to learn from this. How far were we going to stray away from “God Bless America” and our traditional American values before we did anything.

Trust in God.

“Keep the faith… the American way of life is going to be preserved… We’ve re-elected Trump… we’re going to count every legitimate vote,” said Rush Limbaugh this morning.

Republican women are dominating the congressional races.

46% of Vietnamese Americans voted Trump. Way up. Many know socialism.

This is historical. Not since 1960 has a Republican received so much share of non-white vote in presidential elections (%):

1952: 21
1956: 39
1960: 32
1964: 6
1968: 12
1972: 13
1976: 15
1980: 10
1984: 13
1988: 18
1992: 11
1996: 12
2000: 9
2004: 17
2008: 10
2012: 11
2016: 21
2020: 26 (preliminary)

93% of Republicans voted for Trump. In 2016, it was 90%.

Sharpies are the new hanging chads.


Rudy Giuliani and a legal team are headed for Philadelphia. His quote, “Massive cheating.”

As ballots processed, it’s looking better for Trump. Trump is running at about 3 million total votes in PA. He’s about 700,000 ahead of Biden in the raw.

But he likely needs to clear about 3.25 million votes to be beyond the margin of fraud.


Per Antrim clerk’s office, they are reviewing their county numbers and said there are discrepancies.

The numbers appeared to be transposed. I can expect President Trump to gain about 6,000+ votes statewide once this is corrected.

Fox Business is reporting the Trump campaign has filed a lawsuit in Michigan. The suit is over lack of access to information and data guaranteed under Michigan election laws.

Police called in Detroit because election officials are not allowing poll watchers to watch.


Media slaves and Democrats were wrong! Texas is Red!


Republican Susan Collins will win re-election to the Senate after her Democrat challenger called her to concede race

The final electoral victory arising out of the 2018 Brett Kavanaugh confirmation fight. Media and other activists invested mightily in defeating Collins for her support of Kavanaugh, and her rousing defense of rule of law from the Senate floor.

New York

New York Republicans picked up seats in the House: Andrew Garbarino in NY-2, and two flipped seats with the elections of N. Malliotakis in NY-11 and Claudia Tenney in NY-22.


Arizona secretary of state cautions against “celebrating victories right now.”

Votes being counted now are mostly Republican counties. There are about 325,000 votes left to be counted as I write this. 

Election Day results show Trump 65% to Biden at 34%. This only for Tuesday in person voting.

ABC news just retracted their Biden wins Arizona claim.

New Jersey

Milburn –multiple voter fraud ballots found. Investigating.


Trump Campaign calls for recount.   Wisconsin has 3,684,726 active registered voters. They counted 3,288,771 votes. 89% turnout? I’ve never heard of that in a state race..

Media censors Trump.


43% of Hispanic men voted Trump. Noteworthy.

Trump Campaign thinks they can win Nevada by 5,000 votes and as it’s counted, it appears doable.


Trump win is very likely. He is up 2.2%. Secretary of State says outstanding votes not enough to change that.

Other late breaking news:

Republican Steve Daines wins U.S. Senate seat in Mont.

Republican Roger Marshall wins U.S. Senate seat in Kan.

Republican Cindy Hyde- Smith wins U.S. Senate seat in Miss.

Republican Jim Risch wins U.S. Senate seat in Idaho

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