These Creepy Photos Will Give You Halloween Chills

Caution: The following chilling pictures could cause goosebumps. You’ve been warned.

When I originally saw this first photo, it seemed just like so many others. I wondered if the women were sorority sisters or if this was a some type of reunion. They looked so prim and proper. Then…

…as I scanned it close, it creeped me out!

What was that?

Look at the girl on the front row of those sitting in chairs. She’s on your far right.

What’s that on her shoulder?

Is that a hand?

Now look at these guys.

Did you see it? Between the legs of the guy in the center?

One of our favorite Halloween thrills is to go to a Haunted House. But here’s a different perspective:

This is what the Spooks see.

True love.
Choo-Choo Boo!

The morning after Halloween.

One more from the Spooks angle.
If you think this is creepy, what’s that behind you right NOW?
What is that behind her?
What’s Mom sitting on?

A few vintage images.

Warning: Nightmare coming up.



The next one is not much creepy as the others.

It’s more of a “wait till you see it” picture.

Uh Oh!

Have a safe and Happy Halloween.


  1. Great series of images. Thought provoking.
    I have a Temporal Lobe Seizure Disorder, no Grand Mal, just disruptions in memory during the seizure. It’s an odd feeling phoning someone during one, but not knowing how I knew the phone number (I remembered the number but couldn’t remember how I knew it). It’s been well controlled for many years, but the diagnosis took them 15 years to figure it out, and 15 years of misery went away practically overnight once medicated.
    When one is well controlled, one can still have seizure breakthrough symptoms. After being told I was deficient in B-12, and given a horse sized pill to take as a supplement, I only took half initially, always conservative in change. Well, that half caused me to select the wrong words while speaking, just a few wrong words, but I was teaching a class in Heavy Industry on Negative Pressure Air Purifying Respirators, it was embarrassing. Had I took the full pill, I may have lost my job. I didn’t take more after that day.
    When I am experiencing Breakthrough Symptoms, it’s not unusual to misunderstand what I am seeing under dim lighting conditions. I have seen more than a few times haunting looking things in the room that usually turn out to be clothes tossed on a chair or other everyday things, there’s never fear about it, I’m somewhat amused. It does not occur in well lit areas, so it’s the ambiguity of the scene that is subject to interpretation and a few too many scary movies seen over the years.
    But, and as Pee Wee Herman muttered in one movie “But, and I have a Big But”, not meaning the derriere but the actual but itself.
    I have 2 Haunted Experiences, well, 2 1/2. I’ll link to them, I blogged them. They are interesting.
    This one was the most persistent and myself and sons heard it and not the wife. It occurred well before we moved in with former residents and continued after we moved out with the new residents.
    Authentic Haunted House
    This was experienced by only myself on that day, though I was with my wife. Unlike the previous, where it was more an attempt to understand noise, this one was emotionally felt by me, the only time this ever happened.
    Our Experience at The Haunted Knickerbocker Inn
    This one, fairly significant in terms of noise, was fully shared by my Retriever/Pitt Bull Mix, we both perceived the brief event, but my wife didn’t. I had to clear the entire house of anyone being there, the dog and I are so sure that someone entered.
    A Haunting Experience came to mind
    Thanks for the great images. I was thinking of taking pictures of displays around the neighborhood, this has gotten me into the mood.


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