Solid Reasons Not to Fear Election Day

Each day I receive messages, emails, calls from friends worried and panicked about the presidential election November 3rd.

As each day passes, the concerns and fears grow in number and intensity.

My standard answer, when asked what I think the percentage is President Trump will win, has been “between 70-80 percent.”

I’ve changed my mind. After you read this article, my hope is that you will be more relaxed and calm about the election too. With this being said, here is what I now believe:

A. President Trump’s chances of getting the electoral votes are greater than 90 percent.

B. The chances of massive voter fraud, especially in Democrat controlled cities is 99.9%.

Remember: 1) the Trump vote will be massive. 2) the electoral college protects us (this is why President Trump is visiting more outlying areas where the honest votes are), 3) each day, more voter fraudsters are being arrested than any time in history BEFORE an election. Media will not report it, of course.

Here are ten thoughts you should consider:

1. Turn off mainstream media. They were bad in 2016 and they’re even worse in 2020. THEY WANT YOU TO BE AFRAID.

If you know you’ll burn a finger if you touch a hot iron, STOP.

Their polls, news, and strategies are to lie. If you’re intelligent enough to realize that by now, turn them off. Switch.

Here is just one fresh example with the New York Times:

Stories mentioning the Steele Dossier: 102

Stories mentioning Michael Avenatti: 197

Stories mentioning Tony Bobulinski: 3

If mainstream media readership and viewership drops, their power and influence dissolves. You have the power to help make it happen.

2. Joe Biden said he couldn’t get anything done during his last eight years because he had a Republican Congress.

President Trump had a Congress that impeached him, yet he still rescued the economy, rebuilt our military, created rising wages, and brokered historic peace deals.

If you believe this is true, rest assured most American voters do too. Relax. You are right. Pat yourself on the back. Keep your family and friends optimistic too.

3. If you haven’t voted yet, go in person now. Everyone who does, feels better about themselves. You should feel better about yourself too. It’s a relief! 

4. Polls are not proof. Most are propaganda. Surely you absolutely know that by now. The ONLY poll I believe in, is the internal polls that help decide where the Trump rallies will be.

If Air Force One takes the president to a destination, you can bet that is for a good reason. His poll is accurate.

Trump rally this week.
Biden rally this week.

5. Rallies are proof and seeing is believing. Don’t forget the lessons of 2016 and Hillary Clinton.

The Trump rallies are even more spectacular than those four years ago. They are breaking historical records.

Since they began, over 1/2 million people have attended Trump rallies this year.

Biden’s haven’t hit the 12,000 mark yet. 12,000 vs. 500,000+. Turn off the fake news. Think for yourself and do the math.

Even President Trump’s children (each) are hosting far more attendees than Biden and Kamala Harris combined. You don’t see Hunter Biden out there campaigning do you?

6. Not only Republicans or conservatives are attending the rallies. Actual data from the attendees are informative (you will never see this from puppet media):

11,940 voters
21.8% Democrat
27.9% Black
24.4% didn’t vote in 2016

What does that tell you about Georgia? A heck of a lot more than what media (news and social) would have you believe. Go vote now.

Let’s check another state:


Just one rally:
13,759 verified voters
54.3% women
23.8% not Republican
24.4% didn’t vote in 2016

15,852 voters
31.8% not Republicans
16.3% were Democrats
24.4% did not vote in 2016
14.4% didn’t vote in last 4 elections

17,420 voters
19.3% not Republican
25.2% did not vote in 2016

18,536 signups
25.2% not Republican
31.5% did not vote in 2016

14,225 signups
19.1% not Republican
27.8% did not vote in 2016

How about Michigan?

11,842 voters match
48.7% were Republicans
36.1% did not vote in 2016

12,051 signups
56.4% not Republican
26.1% did not vote in 2016

19,240 signups
50.9% not Republican
32.8% did not vote in 2016


13,850 voters
47.5% not Republican
24.1% didn’t vote in 2016


17,251 voters
19.5% not Republican
35.7% did not vote in 2016

Bullhead City, AZ.

23,591 signups
24.0% not Republican
45.3% did not vote in 2016

Iowa and Nebraska?

43,651 signups
40.2% not Republican
24.3% did not vote in 2016

Everyone is watching Pennsylvania.

11,593 signups
14.1% not Republican
21.6% did not vote in 2016

18,894 signups
22.2% not Republican
20.8% did not vote in 2016

13,331 signups
23.8% not Republican
21.9% did not vote in 2016

New Hampshire?

13,263 signups
44.8% not Republican
20.4% did not vote in 2016


18,949 signups
42.2% not Republican
29.7% did not vote in 2016

7. While Biden has been calling a “lid” (hiding in the basement, making behind-the-scenes deals) on rallies and news conferences, guess who has not called a lid a single day since the coronavirus arrived from China?

These voters:

Truck drivers
Grocery workers
Police officers 

President Trump is receiving historical and unprecedented endorsements from their organizations and unions.

This is New York City!

8. Comparing the start of October 2020 with campaign funds in previous elections, Obama in 2012   had $149.1M, Hillary in 2016 = $165.0M, and Trump in 2020 = $251.6M.

Not only did Trump raise record money last month, Republicans have the largest number of volunteers in history: 2.5 million volunteers (bigger than Obama ‘12).

Republicans have out-registered Democrats in six battleground states.

Throughout the nation, Trump volunteer motivation is so enormous, over 150 million voter contacts (knocking on doors  “on the ground,” actually talking with people) have been made. This is an historical high.

9. Just in: The economy grew 33% under President Trump in the third quarter! That’s the fastest economic growth EVER! Weekly jobless rates hit a seven month low!

The United States has now recovered 75 percent of pandemic-losses in a single quarter. It took four times longer to recover the same share of lost economic output in the recovery from the Great Recession.

10. Never underestimate the power of prayer. Throughout our history, God has blessed our nation.

Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.- Psalm 33:12


After reading this, and you have already voted, then relax. If you haven’t voted, do it so you can relax.

God Bless America.

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  1. Jack & Dodie,

    I’m so amazed and very appreciative of all the information you share with us. I am one of those that fear this election. I watch Trump’s rallies and see all the people who he is influencing. I pray often that he is re-elected and by the grace of God he will be. Your article does bring me peace and I will let go and let God.

    Have a blessed evening.

    Gayle Short

    Liked by 2 people

    • I’m so very happy to read this. Know you are not alone. We’ve all been through so much this year, it’s no wonder fear is at the forefront.
      When I see myself going towards fear, anger, etc., I’ve learned to shift from that default instinct and go towards my instinct. I go to God. Give it to Him. When I wake up from a nap or in the morning, it’s so much better.
      I go research or interview or contact others I can trust. The truth is in the facts. I do not rely on news media pundits and most reporters.
      If I do watch something news related, it’s a speech, or live broadcast without news commentary. I will make up my own mind based on facts.
      Stay away from 95% of the news and you’ll be just fine!
      It will be over hopefully in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, do things you love. Take care.

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  2. Very encouraging article. I love it. I’ve never seen so many people come together to pray for our country, and this during a horrible pandemic. God bless his people, American and Donald Trump. May he continue to govern according to the will of the Father.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I have been so worried about this election because the people with the most money to give, lean the Blue Direction. But I have to say that the power of prayer and the love of God is definitely Red. I realized how much so when I watched Franklin Graham’s Prayer March in Washington, D.C. It was so amazing and it gave me hope. I prayer for Trump and the healing of our land all the time. Hopefully this will all take place with four more years and maybe winning the Senate and the House. Praise God from whom all Blessings flow. Thanks for your article, Diane
    Keep me posted please.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thank you so much for the information! I voted in early voting in Florida (Southwest) and participated in 5 Boat Parades!! (One had over 6,000 boats). I’ll continue to pray for our country and President Trump. Ive been most worried about the cheating and the unrest that has been threatened and has already been occurring by the left wing radicals. Thank you again for the info. I will relax! (And pray)

    Liked by 1 person

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