Sound Barrier Busters and Other Jets

By happenstance, Dodie and I were able to see the Wings Over South Texas Air Show at Corpus Christi, in April 2019.

We didn’t join the 50,000-plus people at the Naval Air Station, but elected to take Mr. Beefy dog to a nearby park and watch it. It was spectacular.

Here’s a collection of various jets.

Blue Angels were established as a Navy flight exhibition team on 24 April 1946 by order of Chief of Naval Operations Chester Nimitz. We visited his museum in his hometown of Fredericksburg, Texas last weekend and this prompted the posting of these powerful photos.

Over San Antonio, honoring first line responders and heroes of the pandemic in 2020.

To boost Navy morale, demonstrate naval air power, and maintain public interest in naval aviation, an underlying mission was to help the Navy generate public and political support for a larger allocation of the shrinking defense budget.

The original group perfected its initial maneuvers in secret over the Florida Everglades.

Lt. Commander, Roy Marlin “Butch” Voris, a WWII flying ace selected to lead the team, said they practiced there so that, “if anything happened, just the alligators would know.”

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