25 Clever Uses for Rubber Bands

The name “rubber” refers to the ability of the substance to rub off markings.

Here are 25 clever uses for rubber bands.

1. Open a jar. Tight lid? Place rubber band around the edge of it for extra grip.

2. Prevent lockouts. Hook a rubber band around a doorknob, then twist it and slip the other end over the opposite knob to keep the door from latching.

3. Skip paint drips. Secure a band across the opening of a paint can and use it to scrape off excess after dipping a brush into the paint.

4. Enjoy teatime. Place a band around your mug to hold the teabag string in place so the tag doesn’t slip in the water.

5. Perfect a French manicure. Stretch a rubber band across your palm from your thumb to your pinkie. Slip a finger under the band so only the nail tip shows. Paint the exposed part of the nail with polish.

6. Open a Stuck Bottle
Same as #1, but for a simple but effective grip, wrap a thick rubber band around the rim of a jar lid or bottle top and then twist. Plastic wrap and rubber kitchen gloves work well as grippers, too.

7. Prevent a Cutting Board from Sliding
A rubber band wrapped around the board will create enough resistance to stop any counter glide. Safer and easier!

8. Track Ingredient Levels
Have canisters or other kitchen containers that are difficult to see inside? Keep track of how much is left by securing a rubber band around the outside to mark the level of whatever’s inside. This little trick works well for paint containers, too.

9. Keep a Candle (and Wax!) in Place
Candle not quite fitting snugly into its holder? Wrap a rubber band around the candle’s base for a tighter fit. Secure a band a little higher up to stop any wax drips from moving past the candle onto your furniture.

10. ID Wineglasses
Having a party? Put rubber bands in different colors (or even shapes) to good use! These are perfect for slipping around the stems of wineglasses so your guests can tell whose glass is whose. Slip in a flower or other small charm or item as a decoration or party favor.

11. Better Flower Arranging
To help keep flowers where you put them, simply group with rubber bands around the stems.

12. Decorate a Jar or Tin
Wrap multicolored rubber bands around an old can or jar. Use it to hold flowers, pens, or even hardware—whatever you want to contain in a fun way. You can also space out some bands a bit and tuck in little touches such as dried flowers or cinnamon sticks.

13. Easy Curtain Pullbacks
Use a rubber band that matches the color of your curtains to keep them pulled aside.

14. Elevate Your Egg Decorating
If you enjoy dyeing Easter eggs, here’s a simple way to add patterns: Just wrap rubber bands around them before dipping into the dye. Wherever you place a rubber band will remain white. Try stripe and plaid patterns. This trick works for any kind of craft painting as well.

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15. Hands-Free Phone Holder
Thread a rubber band through the top of your car’s AC vent, then pull it out through the bottom. Secure both ends around your phone at the top and bottom. The bands will hold the phone in place, ready to view for driving directions.

16. The Smartest Packing Technique
The secret frequent travelers use: To fit the most in your luggage without smashing and wrinkling, roll your clothing and secure with rubber bands.

17. DIY Tripod
Crisscrossed rubber bands can fasten your phone to a chair, bicycle handlebars, or wherever you’d like to enable fun photos or video.

18. Protect Books
Whether in your bag or your kids’ backpack, books can get damaged when pages fly open. Keep books closed by wrapping a rubber band around them.

19. Makeshift Splint
Use a rubber band to firmly secure an injured finger to a support you have on hand, such as a stick.

20. Create A Wrist Strap
Flashlight, camera, or other item missing a strap? Simply loop and tie a rubber band to make one.

21. Slow Pumpables for Kids
Pumps that dispense soap, shampoo, and lotion can make it too easy for kids to take too much. To reduce the amount, just wind a rubber band around the neck. This simple step will control how far the pump can move and how much it dispenses—and stop the sink mess.

22. No More Shower Drops
Shampoo bottles and bars of soap can get slippery to handle in the shower. Wrapping a rubber band or two around them will give you a better place to grip.

23. Eyeglasses Prone to Slipping?
Looping a rubber band around the end of each side can help them grip better and stay in place.

24. Hangers That Hold
Wrap rubber bands around the pointed ends to grip and keep tops from sliding off.

25. Get a Little More Give in Jeans
Make the waist of your jeans stretch a little farther by looping a rubber band through the buttonhole and over the button. It’s a great quick fix for early pregnancy months or even just after a big dinner.

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